A fashion designer creates a custom garment for a dancer, who improvises movement in the centre of a circle of potters. The potters simultaneously create works in response to the movement of the dancer and the forms created by the garment.

slip = movement = slip = garment = slip = clay = slip = paper

This film shows the initial making stage as described above, there will be a concluding performance in the future as below:

The finished fired pots will be exhibited and performed by the dancer, for an open still life / life drawing session. A group of artists are asked to participate, documenting the event in book form.

The first part of Late Works: 'SLIP' took place at Central Saint Martins in collaboration with Second Skin Costumed Life Drawing and Duncan Hooson of Clayground Collective.

Dancer: Kaivalya Brewerton
Garment: Rosie Broadhead
Potters: Gareth Barker, Amelia Brokenbrow, Duncan Hooson, Celeste McEvoy, Jessica Parnell & Ellie Redfern.
Camera: Mathias Karl Gontard Editing: Joseph Bradley Hill Sound: Joseph Bradley Hill & Patrick Fitzgerald
Concept by Joseph Bradley Hill inspired by Nathalie Hollis’ Second Skin Costumed Life Drawing classes. Concept refined with Nathalie Hollis, Linda Bloomfield & Duncan Hooson.
+ an especially big thank you to Duncan Hooson!
Copyright Late Works 2020.